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Topics discussed include: Early memories of music and discovering fiddle music, playing classical and old time music during college years, the difference between fiddle and violin, ber band “The Heartbeats”, the genesis of Donna the Buffalo, where did the name come from and does a name really means something, her record Mule To Ride, compares working with her to doing her solo records, her record Wood & Stone, working with Larry Campbell and Levon Helm, covering The Beauty of Days Gone By. Produced by Rich Reardin. Fans must perform a simple “sign up” as a PRX member to listen, but then they have access to all “In Search of a Song” (ISOAS) interviews, and other shows on the Public Radio Exchange.


Tara Nevins is sharing the song “Stars Fell on Alabama” from the new album Wood and Stone. This is Nevins’ version of the jazz classic. She was commissioned to rewrite this song for the soundtrack to “20 Years After” a post-apocalyptic movie directed by Jim Torres in Huntsville, Alabama.

“…….. even though I am familiar with at least two dozen other renditions of the song, it’s as though I heard it for the first time. It is stunning in its quietness.” – Amos Perrine, No Depression

“Stars Fell on Alabama” sounds like it fell from her heart and pen too, but Nevins has the capacity to take a well-known standard like this, change the melody, and perform it so ingenuously that it fits in seamlessly to the whole groove of the record.” – Acousticana Journal

Listen to “Stars Fell on Alabama”

Tara Nevins – Stars Fell On Alabama by Sugar Hill Records

“ … it’s a track sounds like it was from the O’Brother Where Art Thou? sessions…. the haunting “Stars Fell On Alabama,” where once again Nevins shows her prowess on the fiddle” – Chuck Dauphin, Music News Nashville:


Listen to “Snowbird”

Jim Lauderdale sings this with Nevins as a duet which is fashioned like an old traditional song.

Tara Nevins – Snowbird by Sugar Hill Records

Wood and Stone is available at:



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  1. zach baxter says:

    I think ur great i got truned on to u all in key west when u were to take the jam cruz. So i got my 2nd show at the green pariet latter that week. Next show was in NYC where we were all chanting DANNA. My last show was in Missoula Mt. Now im on the Ohio river IN. When ever passing thru now i have a big farm and would love to put u up

  2. John Rooney says:

    Stars fell… is an AMAZING song, and perfect for a post-apocalyptic world. Im going to check out the rest of your stuff

  3. William Burkett says:

    I just came across the song Stars fell on Alabama from the movie 20 Years later and I got a kick out of it, being from south Alabama and all. But it was a pretty cool song and I really enjoyed it, Koodos and great songs.

  4. Ray Bedard says:

    Heard “Stars Fell on Alabama” on a local public radio station WEXT 97.7 (Albany NY).
    Ordered the CD at Barnes and Nobles… and if one could wear out a CD by playing the same track over and over… that song would be worn out… Thanks for great tune!

  5. Hi, I have found your music to be engaging and uplifting. I live in Boulder CO, and would love if you played at the Lyons Blue-grass Festival during the summer. I am sure my community would greatly welcome your warm sound. Keep on rocking!


    ps When will you have new music released?

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