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* All Photos by John D Kurc.


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* All Photos By Erin Scholze

4 Responses to Gallery

  1. I miss you Tara. I am listening to Tennessee River

  2. Jim says:

    Would have LOVED to see that show!!!!!!

    I always though the Heartbeats were a killer band, missed them the only time they ever played here (Charleston WV) and regretted it ever since.

    Would love to see them do some touring.

    In a way they were before their time. Back when they were together the public didn’t have as wide of a musical taste and really the venues for playing that type of music were so much fewer than today.

    Would love to see them do some gigs again and maybe even an album. They were all great musicians back then even and now with all those years playing under their belts they could really produce a fine album.

  3. I found youe music today…excellent music and voice! As a southern man and musician I am inspired by you. Keep up the perfection. I will meet you some day!


  4. Robert says:

    Come to Hardly Stictly Bluegrass in San Francisco Tara!

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