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24 Responses to Contact

  1. Annabelle Foos says:

    I just heard you on the radio, congratulations on the new album. I’m not sure you remember me,I’m an old friend from Potsdam and a former St. Regis String Band groupy.

  2. norm tandberg says:

    hello tara, love your wood and stone release and would like to buy a download of it. problem is here in canada u.s. itunes and won’t sell outside the u.s. any chance it will be offered on itunes canada or something like emusic which we have?

  3. Chuck Greenfeld says:

    Dear Tara,

    I love the new CD. Your voice is like a lozenge for the soul and I truly thank you for your music. Much luck to you,


  4. Roman says:

    I’d like to repeat an earlier comment: “Wood and Stone” is not available from the Canadian iTunes store! Wonder why not? Where can your Canadian fans buy a copy online?

  5. Tara Nevins says:

    You can also purchase the album and vinyl at

    Thanks for your interest!

  6. ben scheetz says:

    I graduated from the Robert F Wagner Graduate School of Public Service at New York University in Greenwich Village.

    I really enjoy your music at age 66. It makes me feel happy.

    Keep it up and hope to get your autograph someday.

  7. John L says:


    Great to hear this and see you at the Grassroots Festival this year via YouTube!

    I hope you are able to play a gig as the Heartbeats up in your old neck of the woods at some point. At the Turning Point? The Towne Crier?

    Love the band. Always have. And I remember dancing to your music at the Piermont Town Hall contra dance back in the 90s. Sigh.



  8. Listened to Wood and Stone in its entirety (for the first time) while painting in the studio yesterday. Music as a medium is so amazing to a musical appreciator whose never played a cord. How it can re-present such biographically charged emotion in such beautiful (e)scapes bewilders! You re-directed my queries the other evening with: “Have you listen to my new work yet?” Too be honest, I have known little about you personally (leaving aside the fact I’ve seen you with DTB many, many times–some of the favorites being at Styleen’s Rhythm Palace and in Trumansburg back in the late 90’s.) And finally just wanted to step-up and say hello/ thank you for bringing a bit of home to an expatriated Yankee twice-a-year. Had no idea what to expect with respect to your rhetorical question; but was quite sure it would be of interest. Now in reaction: what a brave and insightful project– aesthetically masterful for sure: the biography and the photography are both amazing sub/con-text and support to the musical virtue– a vivid collage. Your question was retrospectively pointed….nice cause and effect…..

    ….following-up on our chat; was not placating you… sister actually lived on the other side of the river in Cold Springs for five years while working as a book editor in NYC…..just couldn’t remember precisely where, when in the brackets of our late night banter. Living in Williamsburg for two years post Ithaca, I used to take trains (for the boondocks) seeking the very same fresh air believe-it-or-not.

    Thank you for stirring the memories and the giving of a few of your rare moments–very cool. Your creative and musical gravity have strong pull. Would like to gift you some original artwork in thanks when finished(your spoons as subject matter). I’ll keep you posted.

    Keep it up……the blood-sugar–that is!

  9. mark and kathy says:

    Hi Tara,
    It was great talking to you Friday at the Bearsville Theater.
    Happy Holidays
    Love & peace
    Mark and Kathy

  10. mark and kathy says:

    Hi Tara,

    It was great talking to you at the Bearsville Theater.
    Love and Peace
    Happy Holidays

    Mark and Kathy

  11. Don says:

    I just discovered your music this week, and I really enjoyed the dialog, from the video, with you and Larry Campbell talking with the making “Wood and Stone”. Great song and I heard a slice of your music and I enjoyed it very much.

    If you ever plan to sing in Atlanta, Ga., let us know!

  12. Scott says:

    I saw you guys at Live Oak, FL a few weeks ago. Your encore of “Mystic Water” was wonderful. What a treat for us that you’re still out there performing.

  13. Rich says:

    I really get you a lot Tara. Your music is so inspiring. My people are from the Mt. Airy area, and your music takes me home every time. I like DTB and I was at the last Suwanee concert. Will you ever perform without DTB ? I wouLd love to see that performance.

  14. patrick merillo says:

    tara u blow me away . been hangin with 4 20 years and u do it to all the time just blow me away thanks! lets save the wild HORSES se u soon like skippers smoke house tampa love that place and also with u

  15. benny scheetz says:

    Ms Nevins, I really enjoy your music and watch whenever you are on tv.

    Sorry about your hurt feelings regarding your marriage.
    Iam 67 and never found anyone to spend my life with and at my age finding someone would give me a feeling of gratitude and do nothing to mess it up.

    Hopefully I can see you on expressions.

    I received a MPA from New York University in Greenwich Village in 1996

    Take care and hope I am not bothering you.

    Benny Scheetz

  16. dave clark says:

    I would love to hear you do a cover of Gillian Welch’s “Caleb Meyer” or possibly a duet? Food for thought???

  17. Erv Robinson says:

    Tara – great show at the Double Door Inn last week. Spent many hours of my non-wasted youth at that place back in the 80s and only make it a couple of times a year now. My first time to hear you play and it was just great.

  18. Jacob RG Canon says:


    I was reviewing footage from back in the day and happily discovered why you seemed so familiar Saturday night (1-19-2013). The show was magnificent… I haven’t danced that much in “too” many years. By the end of the night I was glowing as were so many of us who had the chance to be there.

    FYI, I was the person who recorded and produced the WTJU interview with Aer Stephen back in 2011. My production standards and equipment have improved drastically… If you’re interested, I’d love to shot with you again. We can go as far as creating a music video for one of your latest songs. Get in touch and I can send you some sample videos.

  19. John Lucking says:

    Tara – I was driving around Falmouth, MA on this cold winter night in order to charge my cell phone (I only have a car charger)! I was listening to Car Talk on NPR. The show was playing “You’re Still Driving That Truck” as the theme song. I loved the song and immediately recognized the voice but it took me a while to connect it to somebody I’d heard many years before at the Town Crier in Pawling, NY. My wife and I constantly play the Heartbeats CD we bought that evening. You are an amazing talent. Your voice is unique and beautiful and your songwriting is – well – extraordinary. We look forward to buying Wood and Stone and catching a performance if you are ever on or near the Cape. Best regards, John Lucking

  20. aaron says:

    Hi Tara,would you pretty pretty please bring a copy of the heartbeates cd you put out a while back,the one with “The Old Diamond Mines on it”to your seattle DTB show in july?. I asked for it when you were here last and the gentleman said it was out of print,so i bought DBF “Positive Friction”cd and love it of course.I would be stoked!!.Peace:)

  21. William says:

    When are you coming to play in Houston, Tx? Soon I hope! Tara, you are AMAZING!
    Venues I can suggest are THE DOSEY DOE COFFEE HOUSE in Spring, Tx, TOMBALL’s MAIN ST. CROSSING and The MUCKY DUCK in Houston.

  22. Tom says:

    I have been listening to your music for several years but finally got a chance to see a live performance in Lake Placid, NY this past Friday. I worked all day, then drove 2 hours to see the show. And it was fantastic. I never realized the array of instruments you personally play, and play so well. It was a great night and definitely worth the drive. I look forward to hunting down the Buffalo in the future for more live shows. Be well.

  23. FRANK BURCHAM says:

    Hello Tara, I love great music! It does matter to much to me it’s genre. It just has to be real art. It has to be made with real talent with real love and real commitment. You have made a very short list in my play-list. I love your ART!!! You can not hear it but I am applauding very loudly!! For you as well as the rest of the people who play along side of you! And all of those who have made you such an incredible talent! THANK YOU!!! all for the music and the ART.

  24. Jim says:

    Hi Tara,
    You are a wonderful talent in this new album. Are you the fiddleplayer on the older album Tumble and Leap and did you write Going Back to Israel? If that’s you, is the album still available?

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